Original logo for NAMI.
 Refreshed logo for NAMI. The original (and odd) font they used for their acronym just didn’t suit their professionalism, intelligence, and most-of-all, compassion. I simplified their wave symbol into something that would be more approachable and understood by the target.
 NAMI's original website.
 Updated the look of their website. I condensed their navigation making it easier for the user, because the last thing you want someone with mental illness to feel is overwhelmed.
NAMI_poster 1.jpg
NAMI_poster 3.jpg
 Above are print ads that would be placed across campuses, in health and counseling centers, etc.
NAMI_coffee sleeve.jpg
NAMI_water bottle-final.png
 Above are touchpoints that resonate with the target and their daily activities; branded coffee sleeves and water bottles from their on-campus café, and the elevators that students take to get to class. Elevators tend to be already slightly claustrophobic, so why not use that as an advantage to communicate the suffocating effects of mental illness?
 With all of these points of contact and learning about NAMI from their universities & colleges, students are lead to NAMI's website. Once the campaign has launched, their homepage will feature a splash image advertising the Don’t Bottle It Up Campaign, where students can find out the events occurring in the series… For example, the first event focuses on the students coming together to understand one another and create a sense of belonging. It helps the target understand that they aren’t and never were alone, as well as teaching a positive method of self-treatment.
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